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A Man's Tractor, From Empire Tractor
This has changed my life !

A Fun Place To Buy Your Last Tractor !

A Man’s Tractor

I have been very lucky to have a nice place to live. My home is in a country setting with lots of space. Because I am sort of busy all the time I could never pay as much attention to my lawn and garden as I would have liked to. Over the years I have had some really cheap lawn mowers, I mean really cheap. The very first one was a $100 dollar riding lawn mower that I bought from a man they called the “Old Lawn Mower Guy”. He always had two or three old mowers out in front of his house, and I never could figure out where he got all of them. I tried to work him down to $85, but he just smiled and said, “son, if you want this mower it’s a hundred dollars”. That thing lasted me three years and I worked it hard. One day I was mowing along a hill next to my house and all of a sudden I heard an explosion and felt a burning sensation on my leg. My one hundred dollar lawn mower had just thrown a connecting rod, blown out the side of the engine block, and spewed hot oil all over my leg. It was kind of funny. As I looked down, I saw a piece of the engine block smoldering in the dry grass.

Over the next 10 years or so I bought a couple of those cheap home center or department store tinker toy lawn mowers. What a dope I was. I knew that something was missing in my life. After a while they would break down, the mower deck would disintegrate, and the steering would fail. I knew I had to change my lifestyle. One day I walked into one of those national brand lawn mower stores. I wanted to invest in a garden tractor that would last my lifetime. I have had that piece of equipment for about 8 years now and it too is falling apart. It has oil leaks, the mower deck has not withstood the test of time, and it is beginning to show the wear and tear I thought I had evolved away from. So here I am back at square one and not wanting to make the same mistake again. Damn it; I want a Man’s tractor. I want a tractor that will out live me! So off to the psychiatrist I went to seek help in dealing with my lawn mower anger management. As I lay on the couch the doctor said “Jim, why don’t you go see Tim Call at Empire Tractor in Batavia and get yourself a true man’s tractor from New Holland”? Great idea! Wow, the rest is history. Yesterday Empire Tractor delivered the last lawn mowing piece of equipment I will ever need! Enjoy these pictures of my new pride and joy. Don’t make the mistakes I have made in the past, learn from my failures and visit Empire Tractor today.

Batavia 585-343-1822
Waterloo 315-539-7000
Cortland 607-753-9656
Atlanta (New York) 585-534-5935
Cazenovia 315-655-8146
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A word from Jim about Empire Tractor

My wife Diane loves our New Holland Tractor

Whit loves my new tractor from Empire Tractor

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- Jim Salmon

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